Nastey Light Bulb

Flick Flick, Flick Flick

The lights were flickering and the sounds of popping coming from the light bulb. Was the light bulb broken? Coco was barking at the light bulb WOOF WOOF, WOOF WOOF and then at the light switch. “Whats wrong girl?” I asked but then she jumped on the wall and nearly did a backflip! I decided to grab a ladder and see what was up. I climbed up the ladder but when I got to the top, I saw a flash of light, then, darkness. I fell backwards and hurt myself badly. What a nasty light bulb!

One thought on “Nastey Light Bulb”

  1. Hi there, Amelia! Hope you are doing well. This was a nice way to apply the prompt to an everyday situation. I like how you described the sounds the light bulb was making as it flickered, as that helped to set the scene. It surprised me when the dog “nearly did a backflip”. When I read that line, I immediately knew something wasn’t right with the lights. I wonder what exactly was wrong with the light bulb, in the end, and if they managed to get it fixed.

    Great work on this and keep writing!

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