Beckys Weird Night

Arrooooo! Arrooooo!

Wolves howled to the full moon.

Grrr. Ruff Ruff!

“Becky, stop that!” I yelled, trying to go to sleep.

He looked back at me with a sad but confused look. Beckys my dog. He’s an adorable lil’ fluff ball but always hated the wolves.

Grrrrr! Grrrrr! Ruff! Grrrrr!

“Becky!” Becky was sitting by the door. I opened it, thinking he wanted to go out for dog reasons like maybe there’s a cat but Becky zoomed off to the front gate.

Then, something weird happened, Becky spoke, “Which way to the shops?” He panted.

“What?” I said confused, “Becky?”

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