Frank Rolling

The birds flew past the rocky hill. Chirping came from the skies and he knew it was time. Frank Rolling emerged from his cold  stone body. His ghost flew around. He looked at his stone figure and was mad at what the village had done to him. He flew to the closest town. It was abandoned. They knew Frank wanted revenge. 100 years in stone only made him more thirsty. His heart pounded and was determined to destroy the village and find the people to end them! This search proved to fail. He searched for days. Nothing. Nothing at all.

One thought on “Frank Rolling”

  1. There is some excellent description in your story, Amelia. I particularly like ‘His heart pounded’ and ‘Chirping came from the skies’. The ending is very good too. The use of short sentences, including one of a single word, is very effective. It makes the reader stop and really think. I also really like the idea of the story. Someone trapped in stone and then coming back to life. No wonder he wanted revenge.

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